Nd5 Long Board Single

Along with our enhanced manufacturing abilities, Drumnetics USA™ keeps every detail in mind from all machining processes to our one at a time, hand-crafted assembly phase which finalizes in a totally rockin’ pedal.

Years ago, it was the curious pursuit of an idea that set the ball rolling for Drumnetics™ USA. With a makeshift addition of magnets to existing gear and the positive unanimous reactions from local drummers, the first steps were put into place.

Product design and development followed then met with small batch production runs with local manufacturing. The word small in “small business” was true to its definition as assembly first took place in a water heater/storage space of a townhome.

Today, after the most unexpected and widest range of circumstances, Drumnetics™ USA is a company based in Charlotte, NC that produces its increasingly popular magnetically actuated drum pedals. Michael Van Dyk, the company’s manager, inventor, drummer and over all “stuff” maker keeps the Singles and Doubles in procession while finalizing on the 2019 production model Hi Hat Stand.

Now, with a more accommodating manufacturing scenario in place, The Drumnetics™ USA looks forward to the prospects of being available in stores.

Please allow a standard 4 weeks lead time on Shipping. If order volume increases, our lead time may need some adjusting and if necessarily so, we will contact you at time of purchase. All our “shop” variables make it hard to pinpoint a concrete time frame and thanks for your understanding.

Nd5 Long board Single Pedal

Featuring the magnetic repulsion response action.

$20 shipping for each pedal purchased in the lower 48 states.


(6.75% sales tax will be added to North Carolina residents)

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