We are currently upgrading our site.

When we return, we will be introducing Our New Company Name — Drumnetics USA™

As new situations emerge, the past is never far behind as memory and time grind all things into new realities.

All previous Drumnetics™ company situations, have all come together in a newly formed partnership/company with more suitable manufacturing capacities that will enable a wider range of supply for both direct users and those taking a trip to their local drum shop.

From earlier this year, when and where it started, it's been a long string of steps getting a mass production sequence in place. From 3D CADD modeling and generating drawings from those models to the fundamental array of machines operating with 3 and 5 axes and CNC lathe capacities, Drumnetics USA™ will be capable of full, in house manufacturing and product fulfillment.

To those of you that have been on the waitlist for any given amount of time, thank you for your continued interest. With approximately 300 drummers on our waitlist, we are doing all we can to schedule the production run that will include your pedal.

The experience that I've gained as a sole proprietor, combined with the years of specialized manufacturing my partners have, we are excited to blend ourselves into the kind of multi faceted company that can join the ranks of fellow industry drum gear makers.

Michael Van Dyk
Drumnetics™ USA