April 23, 2019

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This is the production model of our 3XF pedal.

The Drumnetics 3XF Single Pedal is the newest release in product design and function. As we still engage the original use of magnets in the base plate and pedal board, we’ve expanded on it by establishing an upper placement of magnet sets at the cam to bring that element of actuation closer to the beater’s point of uniting with the pedal.

This two part application of a front and return setup creates collaborative fields of magnetic repulsion. Your throw stroke immediately prompts the front set into repulsion for a blast responce off the drum head which then coincides with the repulsion of the back set as the return occurs. This efficiently constant interplay of the magnets give the pedal an enrgized, self propelling feel. You’ll be amazed with the Art of Actuation in the Drumnetics™ 3XF Single Pedal.

What better way to describe a bass drum pedal and to describe one that contains this magnetic energy about within its complete assembly! Our pedals incorporate this reliance and you are the central figure of your performance, completing fills beyond a drive of drum beats. The Drumnetics™ 3XF Single Pedal plays what you do.

Discover how dynamic and different a pedal can really feel!

I’ve been using mine at every practice, performance and teaching session, lovin’ its smooth, consistent feel and immediate action. The best and truest form of advertising can be considered in what so many have said – it’s the pedal you really want to play…every time you do.

The Drumnetics 3XF Single Pedal, while played, is one of constant flow and motion. Along with the original combination of magnets in the pedal board and base plate, the new upper magnet cam assembly remains suspended in constant magnetic fields of counter repulsion. The magnets are reacting to their fixture upon functional components of the pedal’s mechanics creating a self-propelling feel in the the beater’s throw and return action!

Please watch the intructional video for more information.

There is a show of simple beauty when mechanics unite with an elemental force that occurs in nature.
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